"Learner's Permit"


If you are like me, you woke up early yesterday and tuned into William and Kate's wedding...What a wonderful celebration of love, but did anyone notice the celebration of "learning"?  When William and Kate made their "getaway" in the Aston Martin on their way out of Buckingham Palace yesterday, thanks to William's brother, they rode away in style.  But did you notice the "L" plate on the front of their car?  In England, the L Plate it designed to signify that you are learning to drive.  In this case, the plate signified that William and Kate were perhaps in "learning mode" as they ventured out into their new life as a married couple. 

So it made me think.....how often do you allow yourself to "learn" or be a beginner?  What are you currently doing that is new and requires you to learn?  And more importantly, are you allowing yourself to learn and be new at something?  Or are you seeking perfection from the start.  What is more important - learning and enjoying the experience of taking in new information or being perfect at something from the start?

William and Kate seemed to be enjoying being "new" at marriage.  What can you enjoy being new at?


Uhaul of Life


A hearse cannot pull a UHaul truck.  Ask yourself why your "stuff" is so important to you when you can't bring it with you.  Time to zap the piles of things cluttering your life.  That "stuff" that is weighing you down...time to let it go.